They are not standardised and are not intended for use in healthcare settings or by healthcare professionals. 


How to wear your mask


Your mask should fit snugly over your mouth and nose, at all times.

It consists of two layers of fabric, it should allow you to breath normally.

Wash your hands before touching your mask, if you can, touch only the earloops, grabbing both with two hands and gently placing them around your ears. One at the time or simply place them at the same time if you can.

Once you have placed the mask you should wash your hands again.

Avoid touching your mask once you are wearing it.




Removing your mask


After wearing your mask in public assume it is contaminated. Once you can grab the earloops again and gently take them out without touching the front fabric panel of the mask. That will be the most exposed area to all the airborne bacteria and virus.

Leave it in a place that has circulating air until you can wash it in your washing machine.


Washing your mask


Depending on how often you wear it and where you wear, this will determine the number of times that you should wash your mask. If you have been to a place where you know there are confirmed cases or very susceptible to have infection cases you should wash it immediately. If you have only been outside, grocery shopping or any other place where social distancing has been respected, then you should wash your mask once a week. You can wash your mask at 40 degrees Celcius. 

Do not iron or tumble dry.